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About Summit 2020: A Quality of Life Project

In 2003, the Summit 2010: A Quality of Life Project began as a comprehensive health and social service planning initiative that would materially improve the economic competitiveness and quality of life of residents in Summit County. Initiated by Summit County Executive James B. McCarthy, the overall intent of Summit 2010 was to improve and strengthen collaboration between major public systems and smaller community partnership agencies to improve effectiveness of services thus resulting in improved health and social services.

The Summit County Social Services Advisory Board (SSAB) was charged with the oversight of the project and retained The Center for Community Solutions as lead consultants to perform a comprehensive Environmental Scan of the county. When the Environmental Scan was completed, the SSAB established ten overarching “Major Initiatives” and 20 “Priority Indicators” to be monitored over time.  These Goals and Priority Indicators were used to guide the comprehensive planning process underlying the creation of the county’s first Comprehensive Health and Social Services Plan.  Beginning in 2006, 15 committees were established across a wide variety of areas (such as early childhood, older adults, family health, and several others) to develop detailed plans for moving the priority indicators in a positive direction. 

Now that we have embarked on a new decade, the Summit 2020 project will consolidate and update its improvement plans to focus on five broad initiative areas:

  • Economic Stability and Prosperity
  • First Things First (early childhood issues)
  • Older Adults
  • Health and Health Disparities
  • Government Efficiency and Effectiveness 

By taking this approach, the project will be in a better position to keep the big picture (the improvement of various aspects of Summit County’s quality of life) in sharp focus.  This approach also allows us to more strategically utilize the talents and passion of the many committed volunteers who have pledged their time and energy to the betterment of our community over the past several years and in the years to come. 

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Economic Stability and Prosperity
(Working ages 16-70)

Purpose: To develop and implement a comprehensive plan to promote the economic stability and prosperity of all Summit County residents, particularly those of working age and their families. This plan will utilize cutting-edge approaches to address long-term, systemic problems that undercut stability and prosperity such as poverty, educational attainment, housing affordability and foreclosures, employment and retraining, and basic financial literacy. This initiative will also promote stability and prosperity by addressing issues unique to special populations such as ex-offender re-entry and children aging out of the foster care system.

Initiatives Under Way: Job Seeker, Employer Resource, and Career Guides, Bridges Out of Poverty initiative, Home Repair Network (HRN) database development, Abandoned and Vacant Property (AVP) database development


First Things First
(Early childhood issues)

Purpose: To develop and implement a comprehensive plan to enhance the early childhood service-delivery system in Summit County. This comprehensive plan will guide acquisition and allocation of resources, integrate new information from research and local experts, set priorities with performance indicators that can be tracked and measured, align local efforts with state initiatives, and build a common community commitment to early care and education.

Initiatives Under Way: First Things First, Neighborhood group education initiatives


Older Adults

Purpose: To develop and implement a comprehensive plan to advocate and build support for change benefiting older adults at the local, state, and national level. SILC’s purpose is to optimize the self-sufficiency and independence of all our older citizens, with an emphasis on alleviating of poverty, reducing the incidence of elder abuse / neglect, and maintaining senior health.


Health and Health Disparities

Purpose: To develop and implement a comprehensive plan to promote improved health and reduce health disparities for all Summit County residents. The plan will address such critical, longstanding issues as the cost of and access to health care and medications, coordination of care and/or case management (particularly among those with both behavioral health and physical health issues), as well as individual behaviors that erode the health of the population as a whole. An integral part of this plan will be the construction of a county health assessment system largely based on the University of Wisconsin Population Health Institute’s county health rankings reports (a system which relies primarily on well-established social determinants of health to provide insight into the long-term health prospects of communities).

Initiatives Under Way: Office of Minority Health, Summit 2010 Disparities Report, Summit County Re-Entry Network, Minority Health Roundtable, Access To Care, Pharmacutical Access Program


Government Efficiency and Effectiveness

Purpose: The purpose of this initiative is to strengthen collaboration between the county’s major public health and social service systems, and the effectiveness of services they finance or deliver. To fulfill this purpose, this initiative will facilitate the development and implementation by various county agencies and non-profit service providers of a system that links providers in multiple organizations and specialties. These links will help create efficiencies, time and cost savings for both referral initiators and responders, thereby improving the quality of client and patient care. In addition, this initiative will promote increased accountability by the three levy-funded agencies (Summit County Children Services, Summit County Developmental Disabilities Board, and the Summit County Alcohol, Drug, and Mental Health Board). This purpose will be accomplished by providing increased support for the SSAB’s Budget and Levy Review Committee.

Initiatives Under Way: SSAB Budget and Levy Review committee, Levy Funded Agency Financial Condition Indicators report


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Reports, Maps & Data


Summit County Maps
2003 - 2005
Summit County Maps
Summit County Maps 2005 and 2010
Map_First Trimester Care
First Trimester
Map_African-American Birth Rate by Zip Code
Birth Rate by
Zip Code
Map_Years of Potential Life Lost
Years of Potential
Life Lost
Map_Child Abuse Allegations
Child Abuse
Summit County Maps
Map_Overall Poverty
Map_African American Poverty
African-American Poverty
Map_Educational Attainment
Map_Housing Affordability
Map_Public Assistance
Map_Seniors Living Alone
Seniors Living
Summit County Maps
Summit County Maps
Summit County Maps
Map_Secondary School Attendance
Secondary School
Map_Domestic Violence
Domestic Violence




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